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Alex Piggott from WW

“Alex was new to the payroll industry upon signing up to the course and has consistently performed above expectations. A thirst for knowledge coupled with an inquisitive nature has created a foundation for success in her apprenticeship.

Although the course is running for a length suitable for an industry new-entrant, Alex’s consistent hard work has allowed her to review extra resources and stretch tasks, furthering knowledge of the subject.

Alex has a bright future in the payroll industry and is using the apprenticeship as her first step in this journey.” – Sam Jones


Apprenticeship – Payroll

Employer – WW

Emma Saye from Nestle

“Emma is a highly driven payroll professional who has consistently shown a passion for the industry. Being part of Emma’s apprenticeship journey has shown me a person growing in confidence and reinforcing their knowledge.

Emma has actively participated in her apprenticeship to maximise the benefit she can gain from the course. This has meant work and policies from the workplace being commonplace within her portfolio

As gateway is approaching, this will conclude a chapter in Emma’s continuous professional development, gaining the evidence of the hard work put in during a challenging time. I have no doubt that Emma will progress on to further study in the field.” – Sam Jones


Apprenticeship – Payroll

Employer – Nestle 

Sam Cardwell from APS Group

“Sam has made fantastic progress on the course and has developed his knowledge, skills, and behaviours within payroll. It has been great to see the impact the course has had, not only in these areas but also in his confidence and independence within his role. He has also taken full advantage of the apprenticeship and used resources available to gain additional information.” – Molly Dodwell.


Apprenticeship – Payroll

Employer – APS Group 

Being part of an apprenticeship has become the best decision I have taken so far.

Khaleda Begum from London Borough of Hackney 

“Being part of an apprenticeship has become the best decision I have taken so far as it has helped me learn and also experience the work life at the age of 17. I was never fond of the traditional A-level route and college route; therefore, I chose an apprenticeship which I felt suited me best as I am more of a hand on person where I am doing things physically to gain experience.

Currently I am a payroll apprentice, and this apprenticeship has affected my role for the better as what I learn during my studies overlap into my work which makes it easier for me to understand. The apprenticeship so far is really good, and I would highly recommend it for those who are looking to gain experience and qualifications.”


Apprenticeship – Payroll

Employer – London Borough of Hackney

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