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Human Capital

Whether it is the entire team, departmental or individual development you’re looking to develop and support we create a unique tailored approach. Find out more about Human Capital below;

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Human Capital: How MBKB can help?

We offer an initial consultation to discuss your aims and aspirations, current team status and examine the best options and most efficient route to maximizing your individuals and team performance, collaboratively we can build a unique program from the menu below.

We also assist in creating tailored surveys using a proprietary approach to gain a full understanding of where your team are at the moment.

Human Capital: Our Approach 

Just as with our clients we pride ourselves on the service levels our team receives. We are blessed to have such a dedicated, experienced and customer-focused team.


Coaching is a very broad term, denoting all aspects of life management. Our approach focuses on what really matters to you, we work with individuals and teams to create bespoke coaching options. We have coaches who excel in different fields of experience, as such, we are uniquely positioned to provide a coach tailored to your exact development plan. The results of which will include increased confidence, self-awareness, vision, and perspective, impacting not only on your workplace (improving interview technique, presentations, speeches, leading and engaging teams and customer confidence) also in personal, social interactions (enhancing the quality of interactions and relationships with others, whilst also offering wider engagement opportunities).

We deliver Practical and Technical skills vis bespoke one-to-one executive coaching sessions. The service is available to anyone who wants to improve confidence, presence, presentation, charisma, impact or communication skills. Sessions are also available over Skype.

Human Capital: Team Facilitation

Whether you prefer the ‘Open Space’, ‘Disney Rooms’ or a ‘Crash’ style meeting we can facilitate and manage the whole process, these unique days gain team involvement, create innovative answers and build a trajectory that everyone will buy in to. It is a tragedy that so many of today’s meetings are archaic, formulated and ‘SSDD’. Our unique take on meetings, guided by your overall aim ensures these days are extremely effective, valuable and set the foundations for the future.


Having successfully mentored many top managers across different sectors we are in an enviable position of having some leading mentors available to work on a one to one approach with you, or your senior leaders. We create a supportive yet challenging environment from which the mentee will thrive. Although similar to coaching in approach, mentoring is more about providing you with a range of options and ideas, based around our mentors’ experience. We cover four key elements:

• Improving performance

• Career development

• Counselling

• Knowledge sharing

We have a wealth of mentors available to support on an ad-hoc or ongoing basis. Mentoring relationships have been proven to help individuals develop and excel in their role/field. As with coaching, we have a range of options in terms of length and delivery methods.

Career Development

As a training provider, we have a range of short and long term formal qualifications that are available, these can be individually tailored to cover specific projects or development areas you would like us to include. We have a history of providing unique medium and long term development strategies to national and regional employers. We often start by sending one of the tutors into your workplace for few days to gain an understanding of your unique culture and environment, explore your missions and values and ultimately build a program around ‘your company’. Whether it’s a short term commitment or a long term apprenticeship we can guarantee a truly bespoke development program that can be rolled out continually to engage and upskill your team.

We work with the best companies in the UK

At MBKB, we will work closely with you to get to know your organisation and it’s needs, ensuring that we can tailor all of our training programmes to meet these needs and help to transform your talented workforce.

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