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Quality Practitioner Apprenticeship

This occupation is found in the public and private industries to ensure that their organisations fulfil the requirements of their customers and other stakeholders. A fully competent Quality Practitioner can work in a wide range of organisations (from multi-nationals to SMEs), including automotive, defence, food, pharmaceutical, nuclear, retail, financial services, logistics services, public sector and government. Make a start now with our Quality Practitioner Apprenticeship.

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Programme overview: Quality Practitioner Apprenticeship

The broad purpose of the occupation is to deploy effective Quality Practices in their responsible area to ensure organisations fulfil the contractual and regulatory requirements of their customers and other stakeholders. This includes four main elements:

1. Quality Planning – This relates to the planning of a delivery system for reliable outputs, such as (but not limited to) implementing Quality Management Plans.

2. Quality Assurance – This relates to providing confidence to stakeholders, ensuring that Quality standards are maintained, through a number of means, such as conducting audits.

3. Quality Control – This pertains to the verifying of a product or service, to ensure that it is meeting the agreed specifications, such as carrying out inspections.

4. Continuous Improvement – This relates to preventing the recurrence of poor quality through analysis and investigation, to form conclusions that allow for the root cause of poor quality to be identified and addressed in a timely and efficient manner.

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