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Payroll Assistant Manager Apprenticeship

Payroll Assistant Managers will be responsible for the day to day efficient running of a payroll team, managing collation of data and allocation of team resources to achieve the departments duties.

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Programme overview

This program covers the key duties of a Payroll Assistant Manager , they include – 

1 – Manage and Analyse the payroll workload and accountabilities; plan and prioritise the payroll schedule. 

2 – Direct and oversee the timely collation of both payroll and benefits data.

3 – Provide expert practical and / or factual support and guidance internally and externally

4 – Manage direct responsibility for pay and benefit calculations in complex situations.

5 –  Lead and deliver the quality assurance of your team’s pay and benefit calculations.

6 – Analyse and reconcile the finalised payroll process.

7 – Lead all operations and systems to ensure compliance with relevant legislation, regulations, codes of governance and professional ethics. 

8 – Contribute to the successful recruitment and retention of your team, 

9 –  Manage Personal and team professional and self-development.

10 – Analyse and evaluate pay and benefits and reporting systems, procedures, and controls in line with changes in technology.

11 – Design and implement effective communication strategies.

12 –  Maximise the efficiency and accuracy of Processes and Payroll by providing continual Improvements

Programme aims

Creation of a 100% tailored program
Bespoke delivery using your company values
4 stage detailed initial assessment
Creation of delivery plan approved by you
Blended delivery options to each apprentice
Online Peer-to-Peer support network

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