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Payroll Administrator Apprenticeship

Payroll Administrators will, typically, have responsibility for setting up and operating the payroll within the organisation in which they are employed or on behalf of another organisation. Get started with our Payroll Administrator Apprenticeship programme below.

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Programme overview: Payroll Administrator Apprenticeship

Payroll Administrators will, typically, have responsibility for setting up and operating the payroll within the organisation in which they are employed or on behalf of another organisation.  The role may be located within a business / organisation or in a payroll bureau, bookkeeping or accounting practice, or professional services company. 

The job may sit within the HR or Finance function. In medium to large organisations, a Payroll Administrator may work as part of a team, often reporting to a team leader, supervisor or manager.  In smaller organisations, a Payroll Administrator may be a stand-alone role with sole responsibility for the payroll function.

Additionally, and depending on their role within the organisation, a Payroll Administrator may also have responsibility for the accurate and timely completion of routine and non-routine payroll-related calculations and other information.​

As a Payroll Administrator you will learn?


Business and Customer Awareness

The payroll function is different depending on the sector in which the organisation is operating. In order to create, process, validate and report payroll-related information, it is essential to know the environment in which the organisation exists.

Pensions for payroll

The Payroll and Pension professions are intrinsically linked. Achieve an overview of the pension landscape as it affects payroll, for example the different types of schemes, the UK systems of tax relief and the relevance of the State Pension. Further, a broad understanding and appreciation of the structure of workplace pensions / Auto- Enrolment is fundamental. This includes the key rules, roles and administration responsibilities as per guidance produced by The Pensions Regulator.

Technical Payroll

To ensure the organisation meets its payroll-related statutory and contractual obligations, understand the technical aspects of payroll for the accurate calculation of gross through to net pay. This includes the calculation of the statutory payments and deductions, including voluntary deductions.

Regulation and Compliance

Payroll is governed by regulation and compliance standards which must be applied in the workplace. A Payroll Administrator will understand how to apply the regulatory, compliance and legislative environment for the technical payroll aspects above. This is in respect of the impact in their role for both the organisation and the payees, including data protection / confidentiality.

Systems and Processes

Payroll information is created, verified and reported via a combination of systems and processes, such as the payroll software itself, finance, HR and IT systems. A working knowledge of these is fundamental to an administrator’s ability to perform their role at the workplace. A Payroll Administrator will be proficient in the systems and processes that are applicable in their role, including at least one piece of computerised payroll software and spreadsheet package, such as Microsoft Excel.

Planning and Prioritisation

Proactively takes responsibility for planning, organising and prioritising their workload and time in order to successfully achieve results within deadlines. Positively performs in pressurised situations responding to changes where necessary. Recognises where issues need to be escalated.


Using the Knowledge requirements in ‘Payroll’ as they apply at the workplace, correctly judges and interprets information to make effective decisions on data processing. This is with the overall aim of ensuring payroll deadlines are met. Assumes ownership through to resolution, escalating complex situations where appropriate.
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