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Customer Service Practitioner

The role of a customer service practitioner is to deliver high-quality products and services to the customers of their organisation. Get started with our Customer Service Practitioner programme below.

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Programme overview: Customer Service Practitioner

The role of a customer service practitioner is to deliver high-quality products and services to the customers of their organisation.

Your core responsibility will be to provide a high-quality service to customers which will be delivered from the workplace, digitally, or through going out into the customer’s own locality. These may be one-off or routine contacts and include dealing with orders, payments, offering advice, guidance and support, meet-and-greet, sales, fixing problems, aftercare, service recovery, or gaining insight through measuring customer satisfaction.

You may be the first point of contact and work in any sector or organisation type.

What will you learn?

Become an expert in customer service and learn how to support your wider team and colleagues to deliver quality.

Knowing your Customers

Understand who customers are. Understand the difference between internal and external
customers. Understand the different needs and priorities of your customers and the best way to manage their expectations, recognising and knowing how to adapt style to be highly

Understanding the Organisation

Know the purpose of the business and what ‘brand promise’ means. Know your organisation’s core values and how they link to the service culture. Know the internal policies and procedures, including any complaints processes and digital media policies that are relevant to you and your organisation.

Meetings regulations and legislation

Know the appropriate legislation and regulatory requirements that affect your business. Know your responsibility in relation to this and how to apply it when delivering service.

Systems and Resources

Know how to use systems, equipment and technology to meet the needs of your customers.
Understand types of measurement and evaluation tools available to monitor customer service levels.

Customer Experience

Understand your role and responsibility within your organisation and the impact of your actions on others. Know the targets and goals you need to deliver against.

Product and service knowledge

Understand the products or services that are available from your organisation and keep up to date.

Interpersonal Skills

Use a range of questioning skills, including listening and responding in a way that builds rapport, determines customer needs and expectations and achieves positive engagement and delivery.


Depending on your job role and work environment: Use appropriate verbal and non-verbal communication skills, along with summarising language during face-to face communications; and/or Use appropriate communication skills, along with reinforcement techniques (to confirm understanding) during non-facing customer interactions. Use an appropriate ‘tone of voice’ in all communications, including written and digital, that reflect the organisation’s brand.

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