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Customer Loyalty / Quality Control

Customer Loyalty and Quality Management are often viewed as a separate entity’s when in truth they are intrinsically linked and your business success depends on both.

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Customer Loyalty: How MBKB can help?

Ever wondered what your customer’s expectations actually are? Why they use you? It is often found that when ‘the customer’ is questioned there is a misconception as to why they use your product or service. We are all guilty of selling what we think they want, or worse still selling them what we want them to buy.

At MBKB we have several unique protocols that will not only ensure a match between you and your customer, but increase their engagement with you, and ultimately drive up sales. Imagine making your business not only customer-centric but ahead of the curve with all your competition.

Our approach 

Just as with our clients we pride ourselves on the service levels our team receives. We are blessed to have such a dedicated, experienced, and customer-focused team.

Customer Loyalty Research

We have developed several methods in truly understating your customers, what they need, how they think, and why they use you. This includes proprietary surveys, which have a 65% response rate, market research, and brand loyalty checks and detailed market analysis. Once we know the distance between why they use you what they desire we can begin the roadmap to increasing loyalty and market share.

Customer Loyalty: Loyalty Maturity and Planning

Customer loyalty is a recipe for success in any business, in this module we will look at your business’s maturity in developing and sustaining customer loyalty, future proof planning and accurately measuring progress.

Quality Controls

The heart of any product or service is consistency, whether you would like to design new quality assurance and impact scheme, re-envisage/ streamline your existing one or simply add new levels of assurance. We have years of experience in developing, embedding, monitoring and ultimately gaining external accreditation for quality systems, from Matrix, IIP, or ISO9001.

Innovative delivery

The term of the day is ‘disruptor’ everyone, it appears, is setting out to disrupt their sector, and whilst that may be possible, it may also be unnecessary. Innovation in delivering services is what sets the leading brands apart. Think about the best service you have ever had, the best product that you have bought, somewhere during this creation of this a lightbulb moment has occurred. Whether it’s a new route to market, a new market, use, or entirely new product we can help. With our range of industry experts and leading creative thinkers, why not challenge us to help you with innovation and develop a unique transformation.

We work with the best companies in the UK

At MBKB, we will work closely with you to get to know your organisation and it’s needs, ensuring that we can tailor all of our training programmes to meet these needs and help to transform your talented workforce.

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