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Experienced colleagues shared their knowledge and supported me.

Laura Stoodley from Solihull MBC

“Experienced colleagues shared their knowledge and supported me. I felt I was part of a team and responsibility for my work gave me confidence and helped build resilience. There were challenges but I knew as an apprentice I was in a safe place to learn which took the pressure off.

I’ve come from an interesting perspective because I left college and like a lot of people went to university, however afterwards I found it difficult to move into a career. I had a qualification, but I didn’t have any experience in a field or any direction. So, when I started this apprenticeship what appealed to me was the chance to gain practical work experience and develop skills knowing that it was leading to my future career. In that way it’s never too late to find your career. I wish I had done it sooner; I would have saved a lot!

I’ve appreciated having a dedicated tutor who made it clear they would support me in whatever way I needed it. MBKB provide amazing resources and regularly measured my development so that I felt prepared for my end point exam.”


Apprenticeship – Payroll

Employer – Solihull Local Authority

I have really enjoyed the support and 1-2-1 mentorship across the course.

Jack Dickinson from Krispy Kreme

“I have really enjoyed the support and 1-2-1 mentorship across the course and the regular headspace to take time out of my fast-paced role and reflect and review different methodologies that I can apply in the real world with my role as Delivery Performance Manager for Krispy Kreme UK.

The framework MBKB offers is fantastic and adapted the course to my learning style which allows me to feel challenged, supported, and accountable for each of the learning milestones. The ability and experience of the tutors to take the methodologies and apply them to real world business scenarios is key to engagement too and can certainly be associated to some of my recent key successful projects to skills learned in the sessions.

I have enjoyed many of the learning milestones and they have run parallel with my development and promotions in my career. Some have been sharpening existing skills with a new perspective but the biggest new ground for me personally was the self-awareness element of the course and the Myer’s Briggs sections. I found this a real key unlock for personal awareness and really created a new perspective to allow me to collaborate effectively with others.

Adam’s a total star and the business he represents has offered a brilliant professional development space for me. I like the variety of content, the frequency and headspace the session gives you from your day-to-day role and the real-world application in the sessions and knowledge from the tutors. I would highly recommend MBKB to those looking for an external training provider.”


Apprenticeship – Operations Departmental Manager 

Employer – Krispy Kreme

Alex Piggott from WW

“Alex was new to the payroll industry upon signing up to the course and has consistently performed above expectations. A thirst for knowledge coupled with an inquisitive nature has created a foundation for success in her apprenticeship.

Although the course is running for a length suitable for an industry new-entrant, Alex’s consistent hard work has allowed her to review extra resources and stretch tasks, furthering knowledge of the subject.

Alex has a bright future in the payroll industry and is using the apprenticeship as her first step in this journey.” – Sam Jones


Apprenticeship – Payroll

Employer – WW

Emma Saye from Nestle

“Emma is a highly driven payroll professional who has consistently shown a passion for the industry. Being part of Emma’s apprenticeship journey has shown me a person growing in confidence and reinforcing their knowledge.

Emma has actively participated in her apprenticeship to maximise the benefit she can gain from the course. This has meant work and policies from the workplace being commonplace within her portfolio

As gateway is approaching, this will conclude a chapter in Emma’s continuous professional development, gaining the evidence of the hard work put in during a challenging time. I have no doubt that Emma will progress on to further study in the field.” – Sam Jones


Apprenticeship – Payroll

Employer – Nestle 

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