2nd July 2021

What is an Apprenticeship?

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An apprenticeship is a qualification for a specific job role/ career, it is made up of knowledge, skills and behaviour units all related to the core duties you will undertake.

An MBKB apprenticeship is a programme of bespoke tailored development based around you as an individual; providing you with the tutoring, coaching and support to become an advanced practitioner and excel in your field. Although each apprenticeship is built around a job role we offer a range of pathways and options to enhance your career and grow for the future. It is flexible and exactly what you need, at least it is if you let us design it with you.

Who is this for?

Any age, any role, as long as you have the relevant opportunity’s to carry out the core duties associated with this apprenticeship, then it’s for you. We have full initial assessments and skills analysis documents that can help you decide if this is aligned to your role and more importantly your aspirations.

What Qualifications or Accreditation will I get?

At completion you will get a formally recognised Industry Standard apprenticeship qualification and professional membership options.

How long is this apprenticeship?

It will take between 12 -18months for a Level 2 or 3 Programme and around 18-30 months for Level 4 and 5 programmes.

At MBKB we can work out a planned programme length with you based, on your prior experience and career plans.

How do I pass?

Each apprenticeship has an End Point Assessment (EPA) consisting of several elements, if you look at our specific pages there are details on there. At MBKB we carry out EPA preparation with you and support you through to full completion.

20% Off the Job is that day release?

NO. The 20% OTJ learning is delivered to suit your business needs, using various delivery methods written into the bespoke delivery plan and learner journey. It is not day release, it a flexible tailored approach, to ensure maximum efficiency. The 20% OTJ is delivered using a combination of methods, they include workshops, webinars, online coaching, face to face coaching, conferences, self-study time, work-based development activities, employer led development activities, assessment and self-reflection time.

Why choose MBKB?

We know you may not have heard of us before, as such we have dotted a few apprentice, Employer and Ofsted comments around our website (Testimonials Page). We can also provide a list of current clients and you will no doubt have heard of them, also happy to provide reference’s too.

How much is it?

As a government approved provider we can utilise your Apprenticeship Levy fund, or help you source 95% of the cost via the non-Levy route. Together, we will then evaluate your apprentice’s prior experience and competency and discount the programme accordingly, up to 25% reductions from funding bands. You may also be eligible for an additional incentive, we can advise for this.

How is it delivered?

We offer online and blended delivery, a range of tutoring, workshop and delivery options, all tailored to suit each apprentice and their organisation, be sure to check out our example learner journey page. We guarantee a unique bespoke programme delivered by Leading industry experts.

Want to know more?

Get in touch with us and let our awesome team design your training solution, the way you need it.

At a glance

Why not let us delivery our tailored high quality apprenticeships to your team and benefit from

  • High quality Tutoring and Coaching
  • Extremely Effective Impact and Progress Monitoring
  • Rapid response on all communications
  • Flexible / Tailored Provision.
  • Dedicated range of MBKB personnel.

What do our clients say

“MBKB deliver Payroll apprenticeships to our existing employees,  and it is progressing smoothly.  Nothing but praise for MBKB from the apprentice, her Line Manager and myself in terms of ease of working with the provider; attention to detail; great customer service and an awesome learning experience.”

“We are so impressed by the content and support we will be signing up all our Managers to an MBKB Leadership apprenticeship”

“Promised to tailor the programme and they did, not only that but have also worked with us to provide extra support and be flexible every time we need them to be, thoroughly recommend.”

What do Ofsted think?

“Apprentices routinely benefit from high-quality training that extends their confidence and equips them with new knowledge, skills and behaviours to make assured progress in their learning.”

“Trainers are highly motivated and develop positive relationships with apprentices and employers. They skilfully use their recent vocational experience to make the learning relevant to the apprentices’ job roles.”

“Leaders and managers have ensured that programmes are personalised and appropriately structured to meet the needs of learners.”

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