18th June 2021

Shared parental leave and pay calculator launched

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Although Shared Parental leave (SPL) and Shared Parental Pay (ShPP) were introduced in 2015, there are still very few requests, suggesting that employers (and their employees) are generally unfamiliar with the rules. It is perhaps with this in mind that, on 17 June, the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) introduced an online tool for parents to access and understand shared parental leave and pay.

Available in England, Scotland and Wales, employees may be able to get SPL and ShPP if they’ve had a baby or adopted a child.  In simple terms employees can start SPL if they’re eligible and they or their partner end their maternity or adoption leave or pay early. The remaining leave will be available as SPL. The remaining pay may be available as ShPP.

But SPL and ShPP are anything but simple. Parents are able to agree a pattern of leave that works for them and their employer, and can take leave and pay in up to three blocks (more if their employer agrees), returning to work between periods of leave if they wish. Eligible parents can spend up to 6 months off work together or alternatively stagger their leave and pay so that one of them is always at home with their child in the first year

To help employees and their employers through the complexity, this new online tool will enable parents to find out:

  • How and when they can take Shared Parental Leave alongside Maternity, Adoption and Paternity Leave
  • How much Statutory Shared Parental Pay they’re entitled to while they take their leave (though an employer might offer more than the statutory amount)
  • When they need to give notice to their employer

The online tool covers both SPL and ShPP, and makes it possible to check eligibility, calculate pay entitlements and download the documents needed to secure leave from an employer. They can choose to share the plan with other people (for example, their partner or employer) but it will not be shared with anyone automatically.

The tool can be accessed on the following link Plan your Shared Parental Leave and Pay and more detailed guidance is available in the link.

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