23rd July 2020

PayrockPayroll is here

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This month has seen the launch of PayrockPayroll, the new way for MBKB to provide the
payroll community with updates, support and networking opportunities. Let’s face it, there’s never a quiet time in payroll, indeed one of the common mantras is that the world of payroll is always changing, but no-one could have ever predicted how theworld, and especially the payroll world, would change in such a few short months. With theonset of the COVID-19 pandemic, and the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme, known asCJRS, we all have a new word “furlough” in our everyday vocabulary, and now we have theFlexible Furlough scheme amusingly shortened by many to FFS. So what better time to
launch PayrockPayroll, I’m Helen Hargreaves and I’m Head of Payroll Policy at MBKB.

We are looking forward to keeping you up to date with everything that’s happening in payroll,
through monthly newsletters and webinars and the PayrockPayroll website. Over the coming weeks we will be launching our PayrockPayroll app, and as life slowly returns to normal and we get used to meeting people again, there will also be the opportunity for you to meet payroll colleagues through networking events and our annual payroll festival. Look out for further developments from ayrockPayroll.

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