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Level 7

Senior Leader Apprenticeship Level 7

This occupation is found in small, medium and large organisationsin the public, private or third sectors and sustainabilityas an area of the economy including health, finance,engineering, manufacturing, business andprofessional services, education, retail, leisure, technologyand construction. Senior Leaders are a key component of alltypes of business model where there is a workforce to lead,manage and support. The broad purpose of the occupationis to provide clear, inclusive and strategic leadership anddirection relating to their area of responsibility within anorganisation. Typically, this involves setting, managing andmonitoring achievement of core objectives that are alignedto the overall strategic objectives of their organisation’sBoard (or equivalent). In a smaller organisation they arealso likely to contribute to the execution and achievementof these strategic objectives. A Senior Leader influence sat a higher organisational level, including sometimes atBoard (or equivalent) level, and sets the culture and tone across their area of responsibility.

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Programme overview: Senior Leader

• Setting direction, vision, governance and providing a clear

sense of purpose for their area of responsibility.

• Providing clear and inclusive leadership.

• Identifying longer-term opportunities and risks using data

from internal intelligence sources and external influences.

• Developing sustainable, ethical, innovative and

supportive cultures that get the best from people and

enable the delivery of results.

• Resources that may include budgets, people, assets and


• Staying up to date with innovation and championing its


• Keeping pace with – and responding to change – by leading

agile transformation.

• Leading and promoting sustainable business practices.

• Responding and managing crisis situations


What will you gain?

At completion you will achieve the following: <br>1 – Senior Leader Level 7 Standard<br>2 – Aligns to Chartered Management Institute forChartered Manager or Chartered Fellow individualmember grade<br>3 – Aligns to The Institute of Leadership for Management for Fellow member grade

Pathway Options


Senior Human Resources – (HR)


Senior Learning and Development – (L&D)


Senior Organisational Development – (OD)

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