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Level 5

Learning and Development Consultant Business Partner Apprenticeship

Responsible for Learning and Development why not build your expertise, get that formal recommendation and become the influencer for your team and career. 

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Develop individuals. Develop companies.
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Programme overview:

Learning and development consultant business partner is accountable for ensuring Learning and development contributes to, and influences, improved performance in the workplace at an individual, team and organisation level.  They also have the commercial responsibility to align learning needs with the strategic ambitions and objectives of the business. They are agents for change, influencing key stakeholders, making decisions and recommendations on what the business can or should do in a Learning and development context. They are also likely to lead on any Learning and development -related elements of business projects. The learning and development consultant business partner will often have expertise and competence in a specific field whether it be technical, vocational or behavioural. They link the work they do to the context and strategic priorities of the business and measure the outcomes and impact of any learning interventions, to demonstrate a return on investment and expectation.

Core Modules


Topics covered

Technical Expertise
Business understanding
Learning and development function
Management information and technology
Learning and development consultancy
Developing a learning Culture
Budget and resource management
Relationship management
Facilitation skills
Become an Assistant Accountant

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