25th February 2021

A Career in Internal Audit by Neil Carver.

Hero Background
Develop individuals. Develop companies.

What career did you want to work in when you left school?


What was your first experience Internal Audit? 

When working in a retail outlet as a 15 year old

What made you realise Internal Audit was the career for you?

I always liked to know how and why things were the way they worked, when I spoke with the auditor it was clear that they were trying to improve the situation for everyone and stop processes from being abused. 

Name 3 great things about working as an internal auditor.

It is your job to improve the business you work for

Its great to be able to visit all areas of a business

Your job is to be nosey and find out what is going on everywhere 

Reality check

What 3 top tips would you give to someone who wanted a career in Internal Audit

Ask auditors within your company about there role 

Read policies and procedures

Ask questions so that you understand why things are done in a particular way

How can someone get into Internal Audit?

You can ask to do some root cause analysis, or simple compliance checks 

What roles/ company types can do the Internal Audit apprenticeship?

All companies need some level of audit, the best role for the apprenticeship is some form of internal audit but also suits compliance roles or development into one of these roles. 

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